About the Art of my Life




Upcoming Art Exhibition:

October 23 – December 6, 2009

Gesundheitswelten der SBK
Rohrdamm 83, 13629 Berlin

Opening at October 22, 2009 5p.m.









You wish to contact me? Then you can either leave a comment here or you can send me an email. My email address: avivavictoriab@aol.com I would be delighted to hear from you but refrain from sending me junk mail.


What is new?

Eines Koenigs Kinder/ One King’s Children is a political thriller I wrote. You can find a synopsis below. I published the book in German. Here you can read a sneak peek and order the book if you want. A (lousy, as I had no time) translation into English can be found here.

Lea Schreiber, creatively talented in many ways yet also withdrawn to her own world, accounts her inability to merchandise her art her biggest problem, perhaps only outdone by the lack of men in her life. This is until shortly before her 33rd birthday she is ambushed on her way home in Berlin. Two strangers come to her rescue. They speak of CIA agents who chase her because her boyfriend, reputed to be a radical Islamic terrorist, is believed to be in the possession of evidence for illegal schemes inside the American intelligence service. Lea believes in a bad joke. Yet then, a name drops which puts the story in a complete different perspective – Aram. Due to Aram Jamal, offspring of a leading Hamas family, the German-Israeli woman Lea is suddenly right in the middle of some of the currently most immanent problems of world politics, one usually takes a stand to only in front of ones TV set. Lea realizes that she needs to return to an impossible love in the real world in order to be able to go on with her life.  

Lea Schreiber, in vielfältiger Hinsicht kreativ talentiert, aber auch sehr zurückgezogen in ihrer eigenen Welt, hält die Unfähigkeit, ihre Kunst richtig zu vermarkten, für ihr größtes Problem, vielleicht nur noch übertroffen vom Männermangel in ihrem Leben. Bis ihr kurz vor ihrem 33. Geburtstag auf dem Nachhauseweg in Berlin aufgelauert wird. Zwei Unbekannte kommen ihr zur Hilfe. Sie sprechen von CIA Agenten, die hinter ihr her sind, weil ihr Freund, ein mutmaßlicher radikal-islamischer Terrorist, im Besitz von Beweisen sei, die illegale Machenschaften beim amerikanischen Geheimdienst aufdecken könnten. Lea glaubt an einen schlechten Scherz. Doch dann fällt ein Name, der Alles in ein anderes Licht taucht – Aram. Durch Aram Jamal, Sprössling einer führenden Hamas Familie, ist die deutsch-israeli Lea plötzlich mitten drin in den größten immanenten Problemen der Weltpolitik, zu denen man sonst nur vor dem Fernseher Stellung bezieht. Lea wird klar, dass sie eine unmögliche Liebe aus der Fantasie zurück in die Realität bringen muss, um mit ihrem Leben weitermachen zu können.





More of my Art

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Legal note: The pictures or stories on this site may only be reproduced or used with my written permission.


6 Responses to “About the Art of my Life”

  1. Karen Says:

    This is cool, Aviva.

    I wanted to be the first to congratulate you on your new art-filled webblog. Your art is beautiful to gaze at, and the opportunity to read words from the artist will make the experience that much more rich for the visitor here.

    I wish for lots more art to be posted, and lots of new fans to find this site. Great start, kiddo. Seek on. -k

  2. chanknits Says:

    Oh goody! I’m the second comment! You know I love your art, and I’m delighted to have a spot to stop in and stare whenever I need a fix!

  3. Patty Says:

    So glad I found your blog! You know I am looking forward to many, many beautiful expressions of your creative skills.

  4. Karen (yes, there are MorE of those ;) Says:

    Dear Aviva, this is just splendid! Having seen some of your work (your bears) in real life and being a close witness to the “birth” of your latest series (the Dante canvasses) I know the amazing power of your art! The unique combination of techniques, the vibrancy of the colours and the intriguing themes never cease to fascinate!

  5. Patty Says:

    Oh my, I haven’t visited in a while, and look what I’ve missed! I am so looking forward to seeing the Tarot archetypes though your perspective in Nightseajourney. Good luck and please keep us posted!

    And… wishing you a happy and porsperous 2009!

  6. Kirraleycolton Says:


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